Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Venue Review + The Venue Scottsdale

I recently toured The Venue Scottsdale in Old Town Scottsdale.  If you have lived here long enough, you may remember this building as "The Cajun House" nightclub.  In the 90's it was a hot place to go.  Now, it is "The Venue Scottsdale". Located at 7117 E. 3rd Avenue.

The outside of the building does not even begin to offer a clue about what is waiting inside for you.  A nice reception area at the front desk can be used as an area for a guestbook sign in and greeting area.  As you enter to the left, or right of the desk you will be amazed as you step directly into New Orleans.  A cobblestone street with building fronts, balconies with iron railings, streetlamps, and so much ambiance!
  I was in love immediately.  I love a good theme.  There, I've said it.  I simply find an event much more fun when there is a common thread, other than just color.  Which by the way, The Venue offers in spades.

Large enough to accommodate all your guests, yet intimate enough, due to divided spaces, booths, 4 bars (maybe there were more) and even a billiards room with a cozy fireplace, for everyone to want to hang out all night long.
 As for the ceremony space, well I think  The Venue's quotes from their website say it best:
The saloon-inspired upstairs Ballroom features soft red silk and velvet lined walls, dark mahogany paneling, crown molding and chic chandeliers. The result is a classic and sophisticated space with huge creative capabilities. The Upstairs Ballroom is frequently used for casino style events as well as silent auctions, virtual reality games, wedding ceremonies, as a lounge during events and much more. This timeless space exudes class, a hint of nostalgia and perhaps even a rat-pack inspired edge!

I think my favorite thing about this venue is the variety of spaces for guests to hang out in.  Oh, yea, and the stage!  Large enough for a huge band, or even the ceremony, if you like to grandstand!  The dance floor is directly in front of it and the area for your reception tables is large enough to really spread out. 
VIP lounge
I loved it and can't wait for an opportunity to plan a wedding, or other fabulous party in this space. Also did I mention they have their own chef?  Yum.

Contact The Venue Scottsdale for a tour of your own: Contact The Venue Scottsdale

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