Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choosing a Color Palette using Your Favorite Flowers


This is the second in a series of posts about choosing your color palette, and as I suggested before, if you truly want to make the day YOUR STYLE, put some thought into the colors you surround yourself with every day, or in this case, the flowers you wish you could surround yourself with everyday.
photo courtesy of style me pretty

These boards are inspired by flowers.  My purpose here is to get you started thinking outside the "wedding box" when it comes to your color palette.  It's very easy to get swept away by someone elses style when you start looking at wedding web sites.  Just keep in mind that this is YOUR day, and it should reflect YOUR STYLE.
photo by luster studios

So with this in mind, search for the many beautiful, subtle color ranges that lie within the florals that nature has blessed us with.  Here you'll find the shades and tones that make you feel good, make you want to dance....oh wait, that's what you're supposed to feel like on your wedding day, your birthday, your anniversary, etc.  A day of celebration should be filled with your favorite colors that make you feel like you could just PICK them, like your favorite flowers.

photo by amy butler

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