Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vintage China + Unconditional Love

The Best of 2015 has to include this Skull Valley, Arizona Wedding.  Steve and Jade drifted into my life and an unexpected thing happened... I fell in love with this couple.

Our first face to face meeting was in my home office and included their two beautiful boys.  Despite the obvious distractions of playing, crying, and the very typical cries for attention, Steve and Jade were "unshakable".  Their devotion to their precious children and to each other literally filled the room!  I simply can not express the way that time just slowed down around us as we discussed the details of their day and their desire to give their friends and family a wedding experience that would express their very genuine love for each other and everyone they cared for so much.

Chalkboard frame, custom linen, and floral by AS Design

Floral, Decor and Custom Guest Book by AS Design

Escort Card Display by AS Design

Dessert Table by Angel Cakes Bakery

Design, Decor and Installation by Angela Saban Design
Images by Kym Ventola
Cake and Dessert Table by Angel Cakes Bakery

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pure Elegance Backdrop

I have such a treat for the guests at our Sweet Southern Tasting & Wedding Workshop!  No, not just the decadent cakes and desserts, but a themed Dessert Table, 8' in length and full of luscious treats.  Behind this table will be my Pure Elegance Backdrop, seen here at Lindsay and Brad's wedding at Silver Leaf Country Club, behind their Sweetheart table.

The sconces are French antiques, the fabric will be ivory satin and the mirrors will be changed for this event.  The them is "Double Wedding Ring Quilt" and will be full of elegant, southern, charming details that can be incorporated into any wedding, bridal shower, or elegant celebration.  Stay tuned.....more sneak peeks to come!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wedding Invitations + How Do I Decide?

I find it baffling, actually, the number of choices for wedding invitations!  Etsy, websites, local shops, invitation companies online, DIY, templates, hand painted, foiled, letter press, and the list goes on.  So, the bottom line is, how do i decide what's for me?  As a bride-to-be, you are eventually asked to decide.  So, here's my advice, based on experience ONLY.  The decision is eventually yours alone!

Questions to ask yourself:

What's my budget?   
This may be the most important question to ask yourself during the entire process of wedding planning.         Of your total budget for your wedding celebration, what percentage will you assign to each category?  DIY invitations and templates are great, if you have a great printer, lots of ink, patience and some creative programs and ability.  If you mess them up, it can cost you more than ordering them from a reputable company.  Remember, you still may have to address them and pay for postage.  Is it worth it to you, and do you truly have a choice?

How much time do I have to dedicate to this category?
If you are attempting a DIY invitation to save money, be realistic about how much time you can devote to them and also REALISTIC about the cost of supplies.  In other words, do your research and do a trial run with similar materials to determine ACTUAL time needed, and how the end product will look.  In other words, is it something you would truly be proud to send out to your groom's family and extended family/friends.  If not, ditch the plan and pay for a real invitation!

How complicated does it need to be?
A destination wedding invitation can be more complicated than a local wedding.  There are maps, rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties, morning-after brunches, etc. to consider for all the information that an out-of-town guest might need.  One alternative is a Wedding Website which will contain all of the little details to make your guest feel just as welcome as your closest family!  If this doesn't appeal to you, or you are not willing or able to produce this or keep up with the online maintenance, be prepared to spend more money to have all the details included in an invitation "suite".

Is there an invitation that reflects my style?
You've searched and searched, and in the end you do not find an invitation that truly reflects your style, taste or theme.  NOW WHAT?  Now, it's time to explore a "custom" invitation, styled just for you.  Be prepared to pay a fee for artistic ability and experience.  Also make sure you have plenty of time to review proofs and give feedback to your designer.  Read the fine print of your contract, and do not exceed your requests for re-design, or if you do, be prepared to pay for them.

What about an entirely ONLINE wedding invitation?
Ok, I admit it, we live in a new world of online everything!  I even get an emailed Mother's Day Card from my son now.  Shhhh, I try not to let it bother me!  My opinion her may be old-fashioned, I like something that I can hold in my hand.  But, I am willing to admit that we live in a very modern, online world.  Just add your pictures, music, and tell your story. Then send it to all of your friends and let them know about your wedding celebration.  If it's what you love, it screams YOU, and it's what you can afford, then I say, GO FOR IT.  I am not going to rain on your virtual parade.

In the end, your invitations set the tone for your wedding celebration, and will be the first glimpse that your guests will have of the style and feeling of the event.  Choose carefully, but don't dawdle!  A destination wedding invitation should be mailed at least 90 days prior to your event.  A local wedding invitation should be mailed at least 60 days in advance.  And, if you are planning a destination wedding, please, please, please send out a "Save the Date" for your guests so they can make airline and hotel reservations at the best prices, if needed.

If you are a local bride, don't miss my Sweet Southern Tasting & Wedding Workshop September 13th, 2014.  I am designing a custom, hand-painted invitation and other paper elements specifically for this event, and will outline the process completely during the event.

Hope to see you!  Click here to register.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sweet Southern Tasting + Wedding Workshop

Updated!  Register here

Join us for a few lovely hours of dessert, design and decor!
A fun little Soiree for anyone dreaming of an elegant wedding day, shower, engagement party, or celebration.

“Experience my distinct style that honors the storied traditions of Southern hospitality
paired with a modern aesthetic and flair for the unexpected.”    

September 13th, 2014 from Noon until 3 PM

  • Deliciously decadent tasting of Southern inspired desserts including a preview of new 2015 WEDDING CAKE flavors and trends and an exciting new LATE NIGHT DESSERT MENU including artisan doughnuts, & dessert tacos
  • Personal appearances and expert advice from Diana Elizabeth PhotographyLove Story FilmsLa Tavola LinensJuju's Tutus,  and Parties on Purpose
  • 3 DIY projects that will turn any wedding, shower, party or event into a Southern Soiree.  
  • How to use specialty linens, lighting, flowers and decor to infuse elegance, grace, hospitality and personality into your event 
  • Southern Inspired Double Wedding Ring themed dessert table and tips for DIY features
  • A Sweetheart Table with a custom canopy that will make any couple feel like royalty
  • How to make your guests feel like family and have the time of their lives with an event design that tells a deeper story and arouses emotion. 
  • Debut of the Exclusive AS Designs Decor Collection available for rental and custom installations
                             Updated!  Register here

This event is open to all Brides and one guest $35.00 ($25.00 for each additional guest) , 
Wedding Planners & Wedding/Party/Event Industry Professional & Students $50.00 per person 
Please contact for reservations and payment info
September 13th, 2014 from Noon until 3 PM
5401 West Alameda Road, Glendale, AZ 85310

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Geometrics + The New Black?

Geometric designs are everywhere I look, or maybe I'm just obsessed?  I just know that I was very excited when the team from BTS Events contacted me about a fun, bright, 40th birthday party recently.  Just a few days after my own birthday, my brain went directly to the new geometric cakes I've had my eye on.   Therapeutic, making squares and then rectangles and piecing together the design.
 Raspberry & Vanilla cupcakes, Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Cookie Bars, Blueberry & Vanilla Cupcakes, Lemon Cupcakes, and Bright Cake Pops featuring Chocolate & Peanut Butter, and Lemon flavors.

 The pool party featured an ice bar, giant water slide and white leather lounge furniture in the yard!

Sugar Cookie Bars cut into Geo pattern.

Monday, February 17, 2014

EARTHLY PARADISE + Wedding Inspiration

Claire Pettibone is one of my favorite designers and this season's gowns have my head in the clouds.

This Ethereal wedding inspiration board was created in her honor. 

You can find all of these images and their sources at Angela Saban Design on Pinterest