Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picking a Flower-Orchids

Orchids are truly amazing, and becoming a lot more common, not just at weddings.  I am finding them every week in my local grocery store, and although I haven't been ambitious enough to think that I can actually GROW one at home, I have purchased their sturdy branches for many projects, including the one I posted yesterday. 
 As I searched through photos of the many brilliant colors of orchids, I am touched by the delicate beauty of the few petals placed in just the right position to make me swoon.

The amazing thing about orchids?  They are very sturdy little beauties, and they last a really long time.  If you've never held one of these little beauties in your hand, get yourself to the store on the corner, and just touch one.
photo credit
 They look almost unreal, yet to the touch they are cool, calm loveliness at it's finest. Worth the money, yes, just use a few of them to add an exotic coolness to your loveliest day.

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