Tuesday, July 19, 2011

poppytalk: A Thank You: Free Printable Summer Gift Wrapping Set

I love Poppytalk and can't wait to get my daily dose of their unique market place. Today I was so happy to find this little gem in my inbox, because I also love FREE downloads. This is the sweetest little set of summer gift wrapping! Thanks for sharing.

Now, Happy Tuesday...go get it.

poppytalk: A Thank You: Free Printable Summer Gift Wrapping Set

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Owl + Baby Shower

My sweet Daughter-in-law asked for some help to plan a Baby Shower for her friend, and this board was inspired by the search for cute little girly owl ideas.  My inspiration board is on Pinterest, and if you haven't joined yet, well, you're just missing out.  What are you waiting for...a personal invitation?  Just click here, and you'll even get that!
clip art
fondant cupcake toppers

 See the full board and lots of "Owly" ideas and sources on my Pinterest Board   

Vintage Wedding Details + Nostalgic Summer

Pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and jewels, OH MY! . Longing for dreamy vintage inspired bridal accessories? I Thanks to networking through "Linked In", I've discovered so many new sources and fabulous vendors. Nostalgic Summer bridal line “Something Old, Something New” offers a vintage yet updated look for your special day.  I love so many different styles, but I must admit, I have a soft and romantic spot in my heart for the beauty of vintage details.  Renee's designs are gorgeous, and would be a perfect addition to any special occasion.

Visit Renee's Etsy shop Nostalgic Summer for these and other gorgeous designs.

Monday, July 11, 2011


It's Sunday night, Cake Pops order is chilling in the fridge, and I am cruising Pinterest. I admit, this has become my latest obsession.  If you haven't signed up for a free account yet, you really should try it, although I have to warn you that it is addictive.  So much inspiration, so little time.  So, to begin the week, ruffles caught my eye, and made me feel girly, and giddy, and happy.  Feminine, soft, flirty, and so much fun.  What a great theme!

Source: google.com via Angela on Pinterest

Source: google.de via Angela on Pinterest

Source: None via Angela on Pinterest

Friday, July 1, 2011

Organic Elegance + Bridal Shower Inspiration

Angela Saban Design
Is chocolate a color, or a flavor?  As I designed this Bridal Shower Inspiration Shoot, I wondered. For a bride who loves chocolate, pairing it with green and white creates a crisp, clean and delicious palette. Special thanks to the sweetest photographer, Diana Elizabeth, her amazing pictures captured my design so perfectly!

The cake was inspired by a wedding dress, with a ribbon sash, and pearl broach, and a delicate petal skirt made from sugar.

Nourish Restaurant in Scottsdale was the perfect location for this organic, elegant celebration.  The bright colors of the interior were my inspiration for the bright green silk/taffeta fabric used for the skirt of the tables. The huge chocolate and white floral pattern of the Waverly fabric pulled it all together.

I contacted Elizabeth at Swanky Press to ask for a custom deigned invitation, and was tickled pink when I opened the package to find the perfect match to the flower in the fabric. Gorgeous!

 The food at Nourish is amazing, and this fabulous find is also the only exclusively gluten free heaven I know of.  Being gluten free for 20 years, I've struggled, but Kirstin and her staff have created a very special menu and you will not be disappointed!  The fresh tastes and colors were perfect for this day.

The Dessert Table was set up outside the restaurant in one of the many courtyards at Camelview Village.  This entirely "Green" property is so amazing.  I love the cool, chic and very serene surroundings.  And, with the waterfall and ponds everywhere, I can almost forget that I am in the middle of a big city...in the middle of the desert! 

Little Pear Tartlettes with pistachios and whipped cream

Chocolate Dipped Lime Coconut Pattie-pops

Chocolate, of course, and more white rosebuds, Mini Cherub Cakes covered in ganache, cupcakes with green luster dust and fluffy meringue frosting.  All Gluten Free!


 The favors doubled as a backdrop for the dessert table.  Handmade plantable paper seeded roses were hung from branches by delicate white ribbon and included green taffeta leaves.  Find the tutorial here.  A great idea for a "green favor" and the girls will have beautiful flowers in their own garden to remind them of the lovely day.
 The cutest baby succulents resting in soft moss were favors at each place setting and also graced the dessert table.

The amazing real flowers were provided by Elba Brown, and I must say, she read my mind.  All I gave her was green, white, and chocolate for the colors.  I added... the theme is Organic Elegance, and she provided the most gorgeous arrangements, loose flowers and branches.  The Dogwood is my favorite, and truly summed up the feel of this design, the location, and the day.