Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gluten Free Events + Nourish Restaurant

Many of you may not know what "gluten free" means, or why I would be posting about it.  Well, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease almost 20 years ago, and have maintained a gluten free diet for all these years.  I honestly never felt that I had a choice.  The complications and illness that is involved if I do not maintain this strict diet are not worth the risk.  Without going into detail about the disease (if you want to find out more...Celiac Sprue Association) I will be concentrating much of my time to promoting Gluten Free Event Planning.  I am passionate about offering clients a choice when it comes to planning their perfect day.  This includes being able to eat everything at your own party.  This also includes making sure your guests  enjoy the food as well.  For many years gluten free has meant compromising taste for our health.  Now that the public has been made much more aware of gluten intolerance, mainly thanks to Chelsea Clinton and her infamous gluten free/vegan wedding, I think a lot of us will be bravely stepping out and declaring that we too deserve food that tastes fabulous.  I am passionate about offering brides, Moms, Dads, Grandmas & Grandpas, and businesses the ability to focus on the celebration/event without worrying that someone may get sick, or that the food is not good.  A special day deserves really delicious, over the top yummy food, including dessert!
 I visited with the owner of Nourish Restaurant yesterday in Scottsdale at the gorgeous Camelview Village, and got a tour of her 100% gluten free heaven.  Check out his short video for the scoop on this hip, chic, gluten free spot, and by the way, the patio is such a cool place to hang out.
 Kirstin Carey's story is very familiar to me as she says "I was tired of being the freak at the table".  I too am SO tired of explaining why I won't be eating bread with my meal, or having a piece of my own Birthday Cake after the candles are blown out. This restaurant was created, she says, so she could eat!  Her guests come for miles to enjoy a large menu which also excludes many, many other allergens according to the color coded and extremely detailed ingredient specifications on the diverse menu.  Kirstin is constantly reviewing and questioning her vendors about their specific ingredients, and yesterday she and her chef Dan Santos decided they needed to make their own mayonnaise, as none of the premade one's could meet their high standards.  Now this is dedication to the cause.  Providing safe, gluten free, and above all really delicious food to a community of people who have waited so long for the world to recognize and finally cater to their needs and above all their taste buds.  Thanks Kirstin, and I look forward to the Bridal Shower Styled Photo shoot we will be featuring soon in your beautiful restaurant with the delicious food, and an over-the-top dessert table. "Organic Elegance" is our theme for the party, so watch for my posting of pictures soon.
 "If there were to be a restaurant in heaven, I do believe this would be the ONE. Modern, upbeat, healthy food. We will be back….my mouth is already drooling." ~Meg E., Phoenix, AZ

Have a sweet day - gluten free of course.

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