Sunday, March 13, 2011

Southern Green Beans & Potatoes

My Mom planted a garden every year, and green beans were always fresh in our house.  This dish was a staple as I grew up, and I crave it with cornbread and butter, a great vegetarian dinner, and the leftovers are so good for lunch the next afternoon, so make sure you make plenty.  If you are watching your fat and salt, then omit the salt pork, but the taste is really worth it!
 I have not listed quantities, as I make a large pot, it you want to make less, this will make it easy.  There is not a perfect combination of green beans and potatoes, only YOUR perfect combo.

Southern Style Green Beans and Potatoes

Fresh green Beans
Yukon Gold Potatoes (use your favorite kind of potatoes)
Salt Pork (you can substitute bacon)
Water or vegetable broth (or combination) to cover beans and potatoes halfway
salt and pepper to taste

Break the ends of the beans off and snap into bite size pieces.
Peel potatoes and cut into uniform size pieces
 Cut Salt pork into large pieces (to be removed later)
Put green beans into large, deep pot and cover with potatoes and then salt pork.

Add salt and pepper
Pour water and/or vegetable broth into pot

Cook on high heat until boiling, then turn heat down to low and simmer for one hour, or until potatoes and beans are tender to your taste.  Remove salt pork and enjoy as I do with Southern Style Cornbread Gluten Free

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