Sunday, February 12, 2012

Romantic Vintage Elegance + Inspiration

I recently styled a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Diana Elizabeth Steffan, and many other wonderful and talented wedding vendors.  I can not share the pictures yet, as a major blog will be featuring the shoot very soon!  But, until then, I thought I would share some of the Pinterest photos that inspired this beautiful theme, Romantic Vintage Elegance.  This theme should not be confused with a Rustic Vintage theme. There is nothing rustic about this collection, or about the shoot we did at the fabulous and historic Felch House Inn.  Antique gold, soft pinks and peaches, lots of lace, and antique props will complete the look and feel of the understated elegance of days gone by.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Twilight Series+Breaking Dawn +Gluten Free Party

Lat year I brought together some of the valley's most influential people in the gluten free community for a night of fun, food and networking.  A ground breaking party that provided proof positive that a party can be elegant, fun, delicious, and also gluten free!  It took a while to get all of the photos together and get this posted, but I wanted to make sure that this was shared with everyone.  The first annual Gluten Free Networking Event was such a hit, joining me in hosting this event were Nina Spitzer (founder of The Celiac Disease Foundation's Greater Phoenix Chapter and owner of Gluten Free Absolutely) and Chandice Probst (founder of  The Celiac Disease Foundation's East Valley Support Group and owner of Gluten Free Frenzy) we are already planning for 2012.  We are hoping to be hosting the party at a local valley resort, and are planning for early October 2012.  Bigger, better and even more fun than 2011, and a great networking opportunity for gluten free vendors, chefs, businesses, and writers as well.  Enjoy!


This night was absolutely filled with fabulous food,  interesting people and a fun, intriguing theme.  November 18th was the movie premier of The Twilight Series Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I have to admit, I was not a fan before I decided to create an evening of networking and off-the-chart gluten free cuisine.  But, as I researched, surfed the Internet and watched the previous Twilight movies, I became excited to create an evening full of unique details.  With the help of my daughter-in law Trista, I began to pull it all together.  The love story and struggle between Edward, Bella and Jacob set the stage for this dark, romantic, and slightly twisted evening.
The invitation was emailed and looked just like the wedding invitation from the movie, simple and elegant.

As guests walked up the driveway , they were greeted by Bella's vintage truck (a bit gussied up for the wedding) and an exact replica of the sign from Forks, Washington, which is where the movie is set.  Flaming torches led the way down the red carpet and into the party. 

 A photo booth area gave the guests some wild fun with team signs, and fangs or furry wolf ears. 

 A huge Twilight centerpiece was created by Trista out of actual pages from the book.  So authentic and creative, just like her!  I think this item was the most photographed by everyone at the party.

The bar offered signature drinks, all Twilight themed...

I loved the Juicy Sucker, the black cherry vodka was so delicious.
Each cocktail table featured a very unique centerpiece, a candle glowing through branches.  These were created over several days, but were such a great addition to the overall feel of the party.

Maggie Wark with Jennifer's Catering provided all of the delicious gluten free appetizers, and they were beyond fabulous.  Chebe donated the baking mixes and Maggie whipped up the most wonderful little buns for sliders that were amazing!  I don't know how many I ate, but I wish it had been more! Jennifer's makes their own potato chips and serves them with fresh avocado dip that is to die for.   Little cherry tomato salads, pork belly, and salmon, all so yummy and all gluten free!

Then it was time for dessert, and if you know me, then you know that I had to do it in a BIG way!  A dessert table with both Twilight teams represented, and a wedding cake including tulips, black pearls, and red lace.  maybe not Bella and Edwards choice, but definitely in theme with the evening.  Red velvet and vanilla inside, and on the bottom tier, chocolate pine trees surrounded the cake.

The night would not have been a premier party without a great swag bag for everyone to take home.  Our wonderful sponsors made sure that no one was disappointed.  Julia's cinnamon rolls,  Tom Sawyer's gf flour Tom and his wife joined us for the party!) , coupons and samples from Arbonne, Udi's cookies and snacks from me were included with the bags.  Other sponsors for this event were New Planet Beer who generously provided delicious gluten free Raspberry Ale, G Sounds  by Gabriel Solis surrounded us with music from the Twilight movies, and splashed the wall with beautiful photos from the movies. Designs by E created our forest environment with moss covered florals and roses dripping from branches.  This evening would not have been quite so fabulous without everyone who worked so hard to make it possible, my wonderful family supported me and helped to make this all so perfect. Special thanks to Trista (my daughter in law) Jennifer ( my daughter), Jake (my son) and my wonderful husband Charley, who has always supported my ideas, no matter how crazy they may have been!

 Last, but not least, some great photos of all of us just enjoying the evening, posing (a little) and having lots of fun getting to know each other and sharing some great ideas for our businesses and the gluten free community.

 Can't wait till our next event!  For more information about being a part of the next Gluten Free Networking Event, stay tuned for all the updates on location, date and time. A website has been created with these photos and more, and will be updated with all of the latest info.  Stay in touch here:GFNE