Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traditional Cake Cutting, Is it your Style?

Couples have been implementing the cake-cutting ceremony since the medieval times. The only difference between then and now is the transfer from the use of swords to cake knives.

The cake-cutting practice was first created to symbolize the shift of the bride's responsibilities and obligation from one family to another. The bride would make slices and then feed these pieces to the groom's family, indicating that she now served them. The act of the bride and groom feeding one another represents the beginning of a new family together separate from the child-parent union they've known.

But, if you don't love wedding cakes, why serve one at your reception? Nowadays, wedding desserts can come in any form -- icy (granita station, anyone?), creamy (ice cream sundaes for all!), even flaky (how about a pie bar?). Or maybe order up some gourmet Bundt cakes. Other sweet ideas that don't fit the wedding-cake mold: fruit tarts, eclairs, cookies, and sponge cakes. Offer a selection of one type of treat or a spread of all different kinds. Either way, your sweet tooth will be satiated.

Why not celebrate with an "ice-cream scooping",  "pie slicing", or "doughnut dunking" instead! It can be just as romantic as a traditional cake-cutting.  Best of all it will be YOUR STYLE.  Have fun with it, and make it all about you.
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