Monday, February 14, 2011

Floral Designs that WOW-Flowers by Bornay

I am truly smitten with Flowers By Bornay.  This is the first really different floral design work I have seen in a while.  I am so impressed that I sent an email to them in Barcelona asking to use some of their images and Joan kindly replied this morning, Thank you for allowing me to share your wonderful work with bride's here in Arizona.
 This bouquet is so decadent, it should be illegal.
 The color combinations and use of texture make their arrangements so interesting.
 Floral Carpets
 Natural pods are such a contrast to the delicate beauty of the flowers, ying and yang.  Love it.

 Soft, muted, GORGEOUS colors

I will definitely be watching Borany's blog for new designs, and until I can ship myself to Barcelona, I will be trying to master their technique right here in Phoenix.  Love, love, love the inspiration.

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