Sunday, February 27, 2011

Decor Wow on a Budget

I love decor that is inexpensive yet still gives that WOW factor to the party.  I have used these Big Balloons in the past, and they are fabulous!  The trick is, to make sure they are fully inflated and tied off tight, so they don't leak.  When you add some streamers and ribbons in the same colors, you get a fun, elegant look for just a few bucks.  Great idea!

Are you a wine lover, or do you know someone who is?  Save the bottles, all the same color preferably, or clear, add some inexpensive candles, and you have a very sophisticated centerpiece like this one.  The key here is MULTIPLES.  If you only use a few, it could look more like dorm room decor, than elegant wedding decor.  Your venue may have a problem with open flames, so this is a great idea for an outdoor party.

This last idea is just so clever, use seasonal fruit as the table cards with calligraphy leaves.  Buy the large hatpins at your local hobby or craft store.  Put them all together on a beautifully draped table with a colorful arrangement for a big WOW on a little budget.  


YOUR STYLE + YOUR WAY on a budget?  It is possible, just think outside the box, and outside the wedding magazine, use your imagination, and the things around you everyday that you already love.  They can be the inspiration you need to get the look and style you want, for the money you have to spend.  Have fun!

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