Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please Take a Seat

I like mixing it up.  Literally, I get bored with the same layouts over and over again.  Round tables, rectangular tables, square tables...I realize this is what we have to work with, but I love a combination  that catches me off guard when I walk into a room. Unexpected, creative, a little askew, this is exciting to me.  A few examples:

R. Jack Balthazar

Love seats at each table make this room comfy and elegant.  The red drum shades are so gorgeous and make the space feel more intimate.  

David Tutera

 Long tables invite family style dining, and if formal enough, can make guests feel like royalty, dining in an elegant castle.

evonne darren photography

Principal Planner
Grace Ormonde


Different heights change up a space and create an unexpected experience.

Resource One
And then there is the spectacular and daring linen presentation.  Combined with creative seating (ottomans), this may be the most exciting, if your budget allows, maybe for a smaller, more intimate shower or engagement or rehearsal party.

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