Monday, January 21, 2013

East meets West Dessert Table + Offbeat Bride Feature

Sage and Allison have to be one of my all time favorite couples for a few reasons.  First of all, I have never met a couple who knew more about who they were, both as individuals and as a couple.  Second, they knew exactly what they wanted from me, and never doubted that i was the right person for the job, refreshing!  Third, they not only wanted to enjoy the dessert table, they wanted their guests to be "over the moon" for their choices.  They offered gluten free and vegan goodies for their guests, as a lot of them had made certain lifestyle choices. Allison is a recent college graduate of internal medicine, and they are both gluten free by choice.  Their fun, funky, and very meaningful wedding celebration was held at Tre Bella in Mesa, AZ and was such a joy to be a part of, and it was also recently featured on a very offbeat blog site...Offbeat Bride.  You can see the full post on the blog.  My thanks to Allison, Sage, and Offbeat Bride for the gorgeous pictures and kind words.
Ceremony site
Photo by Photo by Joy McCambridge
This is Allison's description of the day from Offbeat Bride...
Our offbeat wedding at a glance: It was important to us that we incorporated traditional Taiwanese practices into our wedding, as well as Gothic Victorian and modern touches. We had a table set up for red envelopes that traditionally contain money for the bride and groom. We created a special drink (an absinthe grand marnier cocktail) we called a double happiness, and served Tsing Tao at the bar. Our invitations were done in a sleepy-hollow font and put inside traditional red envelopes. We commissioned cupcakes inspired by almond cookie and Taiwanese pineapple flavors. We used a lot of red and gold since those are traditional wedding colors. We sent our guests home with happy golden Buddha photo holders in order to increase their happiness and prosperity. 
Dessert BuffetPhoto by Damon Wilson
The dessert table featured Apple Pie Pops shaped like hearts, Firecracker, cherry bomb cake pops, and a hand painted red and gold cake. More pictures of the table in this post.
Cutting the cake
Photo by Damon Wilson
My funniest moment: Sage and I couldn't figure out how to cut the cake. Angela (our dessert buffet creator) had to help us figure it out.
cake cut 1
Photo by Damon Wilson
kissing at the altar

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