Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why I love Dessert Tables

I love Dessert Tables because...

An event all wrapped up into a 72" x 30" X 30" space!  That's it, that is why I love dessert tables!  In this little confined space, an idea, design, concept, highlight, climax, and treat of the day, evening, or event takes place.  One chance to make a lasting impression.  If the dinner left something to be desired...this would be it.  A last chance to make a lasting impression.

I've always loved a last chance, after everything else has had it's chance, going out with a big bang is always exciting!

Allison and Sage came along at the 2012 Phoenix Bridal Show,  They were looking for three things....Unique, Asian/American, and gluten free.  They found....ME.  Perfect match, done, got it covered.

After a tasting which included Boston Cream Pie, Black Forest Cake, Blackberry Shiraz Lime Pie, Apple Pie Pops, Cherry Bomb Pops, and Almond Cupcakes, a fabulous East meets West Dessert Table was designed to meet their every desire and wish.

So much  fun, such a diverse and fun group, and a glamorous venue to celebrate a unique and loving relationship.

Congratulations Sage and Allison.

 The table skirt is stretch netting gathered over red chintz.  The topper is a taffeta silk ribbon fabric.  Red lanterns, white vases with gold birds and flowers, red perfume bottles, and  black blossom platters and stands complete the "East Meets West Theme" for this gorgeous table.  Sprinkled with real red rose petals, this was one of my favorite projects of this year.

The cake topper was the deciding factor for the cake design.  A star filled night gave inspiration and the star burst design was born. Gold tipped white peonies finished it off and added an elegant touch.

 Apple Pie Pops, heart shaped, and filled with cinnamon, apple goodness, gluten free, by the way.
 Almond cake with strawberry butter cream, with a surprise filling of vanilla custard filling.  Cherry Bomb firecracker design!

 Boston Cream Pie Petit Fours for the grooms "Western Influence".
Gold, Red and White details blended seamlessly with the elegant venue decor.
The Tre Bella was gorgeous and the table linens in red, gold black, and white were so gorgeous.  The Tre Bella staff was wonderful, so professional, and on top of the schedule for the event.  Couldn't ask for more.

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