Monday, December 17, 2012

Escort Cards + Creative Displays

One of the most important elements of your wedding reception will be your Escort Card Display.  Why bother?  Because without assigned seating, your guests will wander around trying to find enough chairs to sit together with their friends and families.  Imagine a movie theater on premier night with only single seats available as far as the eye can see, and you have your 4 best friends with you.  You all want to sit together to enjoy the movie as a group, but no one will give up a seat, or change seats to accommodate you.  This could be your wedding reception!

 To avoid this horrible guest experience, create a seating chart.  Consider the ages, and relationships of the guests that you are seating together, and seat families at the same table, or tables very close to each other. 
Make the display of escort cards easy to read, fun and creative.  This is the perfect place to have your personalities really shine, so have fun with it! 

Here are just a few examples.....

DIY button escort cards

circus-inspired ticket seating cards - love the striped back // photo by Diane Elizabeth, event design by  
Lush seating assignment.

vintage frames

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