Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply chic wedding

I love flowers...any kind, any color, any shape, they all offer something unique and naturally beautiful. Flowers are such an essential element of every wedding, or are they?  One of my favorite blogs is authored by the beautiful Azar from The Principal Planner in Montreal, Canada, and in this post she describes a bride who does not want flowers at her wedding or reception...actually she does not want flowers anywhere!  What a GORGEOUS design Azar gave this bride.  For this look, even I would give up flowers. What do you think?  How important are the flowers for your wedding?  Traditional bouquets and centerpieces, or fabulous "outside of the box" elements that speak to the simply chic bride?!  I would still miss the unmistakable scent of a room full of fresh flowers.
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Principal Planner: C+C's simply chic wedding

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