Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to PICK a flower...a conscious choice

When I was16 or so, enjoying a laid-back Saturday at home,  Mom came to find me. "Come with me", she says, "I need your help for a spring project."  I immediately started complaining. It was the middle of winter, and still chilly outside, even though we lived in New Mexico, and winter was short-lived and fairly mild. I knew better than to argue with her when she was on a mission, and she had "that look" on her face.
I followed her outside to the front yard and she handed me a strange tool I had never seen before.  She also had a bucket full of flower bulbs, I knew what those were.  She took the bucket, aimed it at the yard and with one swing, threw all of the bulbs into the air.  They landed helter-skelter all over the yard, my guess was around 75-100 bulbs.  I looked at her like she was CRAZY!  She just smiled and said, "well, let's get started!"  She took her tool and plunged it into the hard frozen ground and with one swift move, gave it a twist and pulled out a plug of dirt.  Then she dropped a bulb in, and pushed the plug of dirt back in on top, and patted it flat. 
We worked side by side for a few hours, and when we were done, I finally asked her what kind of bulbs they were.  "Tulips", she said, but you won't know what color until Spring.  
A few months passed and the sun became warmer with each passing week, then small sprouts started to show in the yard.  I had all but forgotten our cold Saturday planting, until one glorious day, I rounded the corner coming home from school one day, and caught my breath as I  saw the sea of yellow that swallowed the yard.  They were standing at attention like singular green soldiers with glorious yellow heads.  It was truly a spectacle, and the traffic past our house for the next few weeks thrilled my mother.  The small town had never seen anything like this, and I was just so proud of our work.
That's truly when I realized that my heritage would be...GO BIG OR GO HOME.  She was not looking for attention, she wanted to give as much pleasure to as many people as she could with her ideas, and her efforts.  She has continued to do just that, even in assisted living, her potted flower garden at her back patio is still so important to her because not only does she enjoy it, but it gives other people so much joy.
Tulips hold a special place in my heart, and when I add them to my decor, it is because this memory of a day with Mom makes me happy, it makes me smile.

What flower holds a special place in your heart?  Will you choose it for your event for this reason?  Flowers are beautiful, but we often choose them for their color, not because they evoke a certain emotion, or special memory.  A flower, or combination of flowers can act as a unique and creative element at your wedding or event, please share your stories and memories of your favorite flower. I would love to read them!

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