Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Shop For Your Wedding Gown; Bridal Gown Shopping Tips & Tricks | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Recently The Bridal Guide blog featured an article about how to shop for your wedding gown.. It includes everything you need to know. to choose the right one.

Before you head out the door to your local bridal shops, consider a few things:

What time of day is your ceremony?
Where will your ceremony be held? Examples; church, garden, beach, indoor venue, outdoor venue?
Has a storyboard, colorstory or design theme been created for your day?

These are just a few questions that you will need to ask yourself, or discuss with your Designer/Planner before you plan your day of shopping. And preferably, you should take your Designer/Planner with you to shop. He or she will be a neutral third party when you are surrounded by friends, family, or just your Mom, who can't stop crying at the sight of you in a wedding gown.
An objective person who can keep in mind all of the elements and considerations of the day you are planning. This is the MOST important thing to do when you go wedding gown shopping! If you loose your perspective, and make an impulsive purchase because the gown is so gorgeous, you may have to rethink and perhaps even reschedule, repurchase, or redesign your entire day around this dress.

This may seem like an extreme statement, but if you order a dress without considering the appropriateness for the ceremony, the style, the weather and terrain, or the formality, the time of day or venue....then everything starts to change. Unfortunately, you could end up with a lot of elements that just don't make sense, don't fit together, and need to be changed.

 A good bridal consultant in a reputable bridal shop can help you choose the dress that fits your body, and flatters your figure, but only you and your Personal Designer/Professional Bridal Consultant can choose a dress that best suites the overall story of YOUR DAY.  So before you rush out to purchase the dress you saw in the latest Bridal Magazine, secure your design, venue and date first.  Then your perfect dress will reveal itself to you as if it has just been waiting for you all of your life.  Then, you and your Mom, (or your closest friend) can cry together at the gorgeous, and fabulously perfect day that you are creating.

See what Colin Cowie, famous wedding planner, has to say about choosing your dress.

"Take my advice, don't rush out and buy your wedding gown until you're sure of the time, date and location of where your wedding will take place and the appropriate level of formality"
Colin Cowie's wedding tips
How to Shop For Your Wedding Gown; Bridal Gown Shopping Tips & Tricks | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

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