Monday, August 20, 2012

Capsule + Candid Wedding Photos

 I have never really been a fan of the disposable camera on wedding tables.  Just seems a little cheesy to me, and expensive to go have all of the photos printed, or put on disk, only to find that half of them are underexposed, overexposed, etc.  This is a great concept, as most humans are now taking pictures daily with mobile phones.  Welcome to the latest app for weddings!

Capsule makes it easy to collect all of your guests’ photos from your big day and keep them in one place. Your wedding guests simply download the CapsuleCam on their iphone or Android, enter your album’s join code, and any pictures they take are uploaded directly to your capsule.
Can you imagine not having to wait for all of your friends to put their photos on Facebook so you can see their images? This service makes it easy for you to have access to all the photos, view guest comments and share on Facebook or Twitter. You get to choose whether you want Capsule to be public or private. Prices for the app vary depending on how many feature you like:
I think this is such a neat app and will definitely be used heavily in our industry! If you want to learn more about Capsule check out their website here! Say cheese!

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