Saturday, June 23, 2012

Throwing Rice + Alternatives + Options

I sincerely love building the details into the design of a wedding. So, now that I have a little time to take a breath, I want to share a few delicious little details from some recent events.  I hope they spark a a little light, and inspire you to look past the ordinary, and fill your wedding or event with special little touches that will make it truly memorable.

First up, rice throwing at a wedding ceremony.  Throwing rice at the bride and groom or in the air over them as they depart the wedding ceremony and set off on their new life has been a long-standing American tradition. However, this tradition dates back so many years no one knows for sure when or where it started, and rice is by far not the only items traditionally thrown at the happy couple.

This tradition started to change with a rumor, or urban legend that implied that birds would die if they ate the rice thrown at a wedding.  This proved to be untrue, but led to alternative options being chosen by brides and grooms.  16 years ago, I chose to release helium balloons after our ceremony, this too has been controversial.  Helium balloons released into the air will eventually burst and return to the ground in the form of litter. While latex will eventually decompose, it is classified as litter until this happens.

 More recently, sparklers, flower petals, as well as banners and flag waving have taken over as the chosen method of celebrating the joining of two lives.  I love them all,  but am constantly searching for a way to make this ritual special for each couple.

A recent couple, Stephanie and James, had a very specific wish list for their day. When asked which three things were most important for their day, the answer was:  an intimate event with our family and friends, fresh and fabulous food, and a vintage feeling.  The food and florals for this wedding included lots of fresh herbs, including rosemary.  So, when I found an option that included dried rosemary, lavender and white rose petals, I was so excited!  When I saw that this company also offered gorgeous paper cones to hold these scrumptious herbs and petals, I knew this was the perfect fit for this event.

When the herbs and petals arrived from Wedding Blessing Herbs the fragrance coming from the box was incredible!   The company suggests that you store the toss at room temperature sealed in the plastic bag until the event.  I decided to order the doily cones as well to complete the vintage feel of this detail.  They were easy and beautiful.  I chose to display these in a vintage dresser drawer.  The extra herbs and petals were poured into a large apothecary jar for guests to scoop and sniff at will. A sign directing guests to grab a cone, or fill a cone was placed on the welcome table in a gold vintage frame.

As the ceremony ended and Stephanie and James headed down the aisle, guests tossed their herbs and petals in the air.  I was standing at the back of the ceremony and could smell the wonderful fragrance as they passed by.  Great choice!  I simply love this option.

The details make all the difference!

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  1. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing Angela. The fragrance must have been a real treat for all who attended.