Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Drawers + Teacups Dessert Table

The Believe Boutique this past weekend was UNBELIEVABLE!  3100 people passed through the doors Friday and Saturday, and I met so many wonderful, and Gluten Free, people.  I was actually very surprised that about one out of every 6 or so people that I spoke with either knew someone that is living gluten free, or they were gluten free themselves.  Amazing!  I passed out cupcakes and little mini pies to everyone, and the vintage table was such a hit, I think I could have sold everything on it, including the linens.  I love the set up and so did every one else.  The antique drawers used as serving trays was the most interesting element.  The vintage teacups and cream pitcher also got rave reviews!  Next year, I think I will package the cupcakes inside vintage cups to sell together!

  I had lots of fun, and spoke to so many lovely people and vendors, I can't wait for next year!
Have a sweet day.

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