Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phoenix Gluten Free Expo - Custom Table Pictures

 I participated in my first Gluten Free Expo yesterday at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel here in Phoenix.  The number of attendees was overwhelming and it was truly amazing to meet hundreds of people looking for gluten free goodies, and everyday nutrition choices.         

This was so much FUN!  The custom dessert table looked amazing, and I was truly touched by all of the comments I got...  We've been waiting so long for you!  A custom order gluten free bakery, WOW I can have a birthday cake this year!  I am so happy I found you, I want a wedding cake that I can eat!

And when we cut the cake and started handing out slices of vanilla, with layers of strawberries and butter cream, the comments changed this really gluten free?  What is it, how do you make this?

The chocolate Mini cakes disappeared first, and the sheer decadence of them surprised anyone lucky enough to grab one.

The coconut mini cupcakes with cream cheese and withe chocolate frosting were little surprises of goodness as well..  I did not serve any samples until the Expo was over, so anyone who did not get to try them, so sorry! Next year there will be samples, I promise!

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