Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Custom Table Linens

I began a project tonight and as I sat at the sewing machine trying to coax some gorgeous platinum satin into submission, I thought about the first time I completed a fabric project all by myself.  I was in Home Economics class somewhere around 5th grade.  Ok, I'll say it, I was a geek.  I loved Home Ec and Math, Accounting later in High School, and English, I loved to write stories. 

Anyway, the first project I remember was an outfit, a shirt and pants.  I was so proud, especially after taking it apart and starting over.  Using a pattern, cutting it perfectly, and performing the correct stitches and steps to make it fit just right, well it just made my world a better place!  Corny?  Maybe, but now I am grateful for the lessens learned because now, when I see a beautiful dress, I want to duplicate the flow on a table. 

No patterns, no directions, not even a YouTube video to help me figure it out.  Just my imagination, a machine, scissors, thread, and a glorious piece of fabric.  I think about it, worry about it, measure, pin, sketch, and finally, I cut.  After I cut, there's no turning back, it's sort of like jumping off a cliff.  A little dramatic maybe, but after the cut, you better have a plan.

My plan for the famous pink table skirt on this table was a layered chiffon skirt that felt like a fabulous pink wedding dress that I spotted online.
 I watched my Grandmother fashion wedding dresses, carefully covering little buttons with satin, until her hands began to shake from Parkinson's Disease made it impossible for her to continue.  My own mother was a seamstress, creating hand painted and custom designs for the rich and famous Cattle Baron's wives throughout New Mexico and Texas, until rheumatoid arthritis crippled her hands and made it so painful to hold the fabrics she loved so much.  I am blessed to be able to feel the fabric in my hands and fashion it into flowing, sparkling designs that make a couple's special day even more glorious.  \

Stay tuned for the latest linen, platinum, layered and laced vintage dessert table linen.

Until then,I  hope you are grateful for whatever gifts you have, and that you give them freely and with a happy heart.

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