Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gluten Free + Nut Free + Butterfly Cake

Gluten Free baking was a challenge for me in the beginning but I never dreamed there would be so many variations for so many different customers.  I have been challenged with dairy free, vegan, rice free, corn free and nut free requests.  Combine these with gluten free and you get one complicated combination.  A new flour combination and a  double check of all ingredients was necessary to make sure that this family got a wonderful, gluten free, nut free cake for their whole family to enjoy.  This cake was planned to feed 30 people, and leftovers were welcomed. I piped the butterflies with royal icing so the entire cake was edible.  Filled with Vanilla cake and fresh raspberries. The little flowers were all dusted with silver and pink edible glitter. This was one of my favorite cakes to make, the vines and leaves reminded me so much of the details my Grandmother put on her cakes.

1 comment:

  1. What a darling cake! Love how you added touches like edible glitter on the flowers and even fresh raspberries in the cake itself.